Dias de Flamenco festival - March 15-17

 Dias de Flamenco festival March 15-17

Dias de Flamenco festival - March 15-17

El Encuentro - “Meeting”
David Coris company with guest dancer Adela Campallo
In a passionate virtuoso Flamenco in 10 danced stories full of humor - show that was acclaimed with great enthusiasm in important Jerez and Nimes festivals.

Ocho-  “Eight”
World premiere of special production by Keren Adi with 4 Israeli flamenco dancers and 4 Spanish musicians.

Manana de Israeli Flamenco
Graceful presentation of 6 Young Flamenco groups from all over Israel - from 
Eilat to Galilee and a soloist.

Don Juan in Flamenco Kingdom 
Charming story for kids by Roni Lugasi and “Contra” ensemble. In Inbal theater.

Studio presentation
In Inbal with the soloists.

Gala evening – two parts
Original Israeli productions and El Encuentro

Dias de Flamenco festival - March 15-17

ADI Foundation – 24 year                                                           
"Adi had  dream to go to Spain and study Flamenco. She realized the fatality of her illness she asked us: "Remember me by granting a scholarship for a young gifted Israeli dancer to study Flamenco in Spain".
Adi was 23 when she died – an officer in the IDF, a very talented student of sciences and a passionate lover of dance and especially Flamenco.
We have carried out her will in festival “Dias de Flamenco”.
The ADI Foundation established special contacts in Spain, with the Cervantes institute, Maestro Manolo Marin, artists, teachers and journalists, and the Cristina Heeren Foundation.
Cooperation brought scholarships for competitions winners and musicians, who are indispensable for good Flamenco that is a dialog between dance- baile’ and music
In past festivals we presented the pure traditional Flamenco, with - Rafael Campallo, Farruquitto contemporary - like Maria Pages Company, Manuel Linan, Dorantes Pastora Galvan, Rocio Molina, Ursula Lopez with original Israeli Flamenco productions.

The goals of Adi Foundation are:
Presenting the best of the Flamenco to Israeli public
Creating a home for the Israeli Flamenco by enhancing motivation and high level through the competitions, master-classes and original Israeli Flamenco productions

As every year, we work to make these events as full of life and grace as was Adi."


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