Hiro Ramen Bar by Israel Aharoni

Every Israeli knows the name Israel Aharoni.

Israel Aharoni is one of Israel most famous chefs and one of the pioneers in the cuisine field in general, and Asian in particular. also one of the main contributors to the development of culinary culture in Israel.
Aharoni opened several succesful restaurants in the past and he was the first to cook Far East cuisine-inspired dishes in Tel Aviv high-end restaurants and to bring the gospel and flavors of the Asian Cuisine of Taiwan and China to households in Israel.

Aharoni is a culinary columnist at Yedioth Ahronoth's "Seven Days" magazine and the author of many cookbooks.
Israel appears on many culinary TV shows and soon he will be one of the judges at the famous TV show Master Chef.

I Came to visit at Ahroni's new restaurant - Hiro Ramen Bar.
The Ramen soup is the Japanese version of numerous Asian noodles soup dishes.

Israel by Hadarling Hiro Ramen Bar by Israel Aharoni

(Chef Israel Aharoni and me)
Chef Aharoni: "To me, among all Asian noodle soup dishes I’ve known, the Ramen is the most elaborate and refined one."
Ramen begins with a basic sauce: it cooks for long hours, and is delicate yet deep and sophisticated in taste. After pouring this sauce into the serving bowl, the “Tare” is added: a blend of liquids with a concentrated, deep and complex combination of tastes, which includes, among others, soy sauce, mirin, sake, konbu kelp and bonito, all cooked slowly together in a special method. This blend adds a rich layer of tastes to the basic sauce that widens and deepens its taste range.
The noodles are also accurately made. They have a specific texture and a clear ability to absorb tastes. The egg is cooked in a precise manner, soaked in a gentle blend of liquids that are absorbed into it overnight. The variety of meats is carefully handled and so is any other element of the dish. The result is delightful, harmonious and complete, full of textures and layered with gentle tastes.

The Ramen soup dish is, in fact, an entire meal in one bowl, and it has numerous versions.

I came to taste Aharoni's version at HIRO RAMEN BAR.
Israel by Hadarling Hiro Ramen Bar by Israel Aharoni

Hiro ramen bar Israel Aharoni Isarel by hadarling

I started with GREEN VEGETABLES SALAD - snow peas, broccoli, peas and spring onion with a lemon and miso dressing. a very refreshing salad.
GREEN VEGETABLES SALAD Israel by Hadarling Hiro Ramen Bar by Israel Aharoni


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