Medita restaurant - Mediterranean bistro in Jerusalem

I came back to Medita restaurant in Jerusalem, few years after my last visit.

It's the same warm elegant restaurant with very good service.

But what I mostly liked to discover is that the food is still delicious as I remembered.

We started dinner with lovely cocktails.

Mediata restaurant - Mediterranean bistro in Jerusalem

Mediata restaurant - Mediterranean bistro in Jerusalem

Then they brought to the table Focaccia taboon and dips, as they do in every dinner at the place.

Focaccia taboon and dips

For first dishes we had:

Taboon eggplant with tahini, colorful tomatoes, oregano.
Sweetbreads Focaccia with tomato, pickled lemon and Amba.
And the special of that day: Goose liver with tomato jam. very special indeed!

Taboon eggplant

Sweetbreads Focaccia

Goose liver with tomato jam

For main dish we also selected that day special, which was: Nebraska steak with bone marrow and fries. we had a very big juicy and tasty steak.

Nebraska steak

Nebraska steak

Even though there was no room left, we had a desert: Sea of Chocolate which was too sweet for me and non-dairy.

Sea of Chocolate

We had great time at Medita restaurant and strongly recommend the place.

Mediata restaurant - Mediterranean bistro in Jerusalem

About Medita

Medita is a lively Mediterranean restaurant in the Beit Hanatziv compound in Jerusalem, under the direction of Chef Moti Ohana (the chef and owner of the Hahatzer restaurant) and his partner Moshe Cohen. The restaurant is located in a magnificent building with a total area of ​​about 350 square meters, with about 180 guests, and our restaurant is a perfect combination of a modern bistro restaurant and a classic Mediterranean cuisine.

The chef and owner of the place, Moti Ohana, is a graduate of the Cordon Bleu . He has been in the culinary industry for many years, with impressive gastronomical knowledge and rich experience in restaurants in Israel and abroad, and in addition to the chef of the courtyard restaurant, he also worked in Jerusalem's chocolates and restaurants, as well as gourmet restaurants in distant Australia.

The designer of the place is the designer Gilad Zafrani, one of the most renowned designers in the restaurant industry, who designs the restaurant with decorative elements reminiscent of Parisian brasserie, along with Mediterranean elements, such as our open kitchen where you can watch the dishes and enjoy a good meal. From the central tabun. In the evening and night the place changes its face and turns to the crowd of party people who want to enjoy a lively and fashionable bar. In the center of the bistro there is a large and extensive bar, where dozens of quality brands of beer, wines and alcohol are available at reasonable prices.

 It is also possible to celebrate events of up to 180 people


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