The Swan and the Pimp by Hillel Kogan

The Swan and the Pimp by Hillel Kogan

In his new work, The Swan and The Pimp, Kogan continues to engage in artist-work relations, in the power relations between the artist and his affiliates, and in asking what is the meaning of dance in general – in the eyes of the wide audience as well.
 The Swan and the Pimp by Hillel Kogan

In recent years Kogan explores in his works social questions and combines them in questions regarding the medium of dance. His latest work, "Loving Arabs", a satirical dance work that won a huge success with more than hundred performances in Israel and abroad since coming up and hundred more scheduled until the end of 2018, deals with the orientalist and saturated with prejudice point of view of a left wing Jewish towards an Israeli Arab dancer, and with the textured of the relation between the artist and his creation, as a glance to what happens behind the stage and to the clichés of the creation process.
In his new work Kogan walks intentionally in the gap between him and his affiliate in executing, the young dancer Carmel Ben Asher – highlights the age gap, experience differences and the different sexual orientation. The female swan-dancer, and against her- the choreograph. With the use of the stereotypes, Kogan asks to reveal the sexuality, the seduction and voyeurism that hide according to him beneath the artistic aura of dance.
 The Swan and the Pimp by Hillel Kogan

Participating: Carmel Ben Asher, Hillel Kogan
Dramaturgy and artistic accompanying: Sharon Zuckerman Vizer
Partner producers: Droles de Dames, Paris
Original Music: Rejoicer
Hillel Kogan
The Swan and the Pimp
October 13-14 , 2017
October 27-28, 2017
Inbal Center, Suzan Dallal, Tel-Aviv


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