Kimmel BaGilboa Bistro

I visited Kimmel BaGilboa Bistro several times and always enjoyed the delicious food, amazing view and fantastic environment. 

This week I visited once again after a very fun day with The Gilboa Experience .

Kimmel BaGilboa Bistro

We had great first dishes such as: Country salad – selection of vegetables, onions, green leaves, croutons, peanuts, vinaigrette sauce and beef feta cheese | Fresh beet salad – Balsamic vinegar and pomegranate vinaigrette, pine nuts, plums and Brule St. Moore cheese | Grilled eggplant – tahini, black caviar lentils, pepper cream and parsley | Chicken liver Pâté in calvados – honey, pine nuts and seasoned carrot confiture | and my favourite one - Mushroom risotto – spinach, cream, parmesan and truffle oil.

Kimmel BaGilboa Bistro

Kimmel BaGilboa Bistro
Photos by Erez Bitton

For main dishes we had: Lamb and beef kebab – tomato salsa, mint and tahini | Salmon fillet a la plancha in a Roquefort cream, leeks and olive tapenade | and Beef stroganoff – beef fillet cuts, mushrooms, fried onions, beef stock and cream, served with potato gnocchi.

We finished our meal with a perfect Brûlée Semifreddo - vanilla-pistachio brûlée (semifreddo), white chocolate popcorn and sour raspberry sauce.

As always, the food was great and the location is perfect.

About Kimmel Bagilboa

Down the green Mount Gilboa, with the Jazreel Valley spread underneath, resides Chef Shaul Ben Aderet's Kimmel BaGilboa.

In Kimmel BaGilboa, Ben Aderet uses fine local produce such as fresh meat and fish and unique spices – all of which give the food a touch of the Provence.

Kimmel Bagilboa features a large wine bar, a private events room and a grapevine shade – where special brunches and chef meals are held.

Kimmel BaGilboa is a high standard bistro in a beautiful landscape offering special flavors.

Kimmel BaGilboa Bistro
Photo by Dror Katz


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