Compositions for Timespace - This Does Not Die - Roiy Nitzan and Avishai Cohen

Compositions for Timespace
A series of three exhibitions presenting cooperation between visual artists and musicians and examining the link between plastic art and music through audio visual dialogue. Each pair of artists defines and constructs the work’s viewing and listening conditions, and thus each encounter creates a different dynamic between the physical visual image and the sounds resonating in the space
Laurence Graff Contemporary Art Gallery, Herta and Paul Amir Building
Curators : Tal Lanir and Hagit Emma Werner

[Chapter 3]
This Does Not Die
Roiy Nitzan and Avishai Cohen

In the third and final chapter of the series "Compositions for TimeSpace" artist Roiy Nitzan and musician Avishai Cohen present a cinematographic work that examines the power of musical themes on dramatic effect. In This Does Not Die they offer a personal interpretation of the poem "Intent" by American poet/writer Susan Scutti - Nitzan's is cinematic, contemplating inter-generational relationships, while Cohen's is a lyrical and melodical exploration of the poem.

 Compositions for Timespace - This Does Not Die - Roiy Nitzan and Avishai Cohen

The video work is not dependent on a linear narrative or a cinematic structure with a beginning and an end, but focuses on one scene of a father and son sharing a moment in time. Lingering over that moment enables Nitzan to weave together different times and concentrate on the tension between truth and fiction, between memory and dream. Compared with the video, the musical work has a clear narrative and melodic structure; however, instead of withdrawing ino the snug structure of a pop song, Cohen breaks away with tradition and stretches the limits of the structure, inserting various themes and colors into it. In its encounter with the video, the music at times leads and at times seems to take a step back and provide the ambience. At times it stands aloof as a text, at others it becomes the subtext of the figure on screen.

 Compositions for Timespace - This Does Not Die - Roiy Nitzan and Avishai Cohen

The idea at the core of the work was indeed conceived by the artists together, but developing the video and the music was done separately. Consequently, each component of the work is of different length, and the encounter between the media becomes random. The visual image overlaps the music at various points and in return creates varying, dynamic encounters that allow for the creation of different variations of linking the seen and the heard, imbuing each frame with a different quality. Rather than accompanying each other, the pieces seek the balance point just before the music becomes the soundtrack serving the image—as often occurs in the cinematic medium and before the film becomes a video clip serving the music - as often occurs on music channels and on YouTube.

 Compositions for Timespace - This Does Not Die - Roiy Nitzan and Avishai Cohen

Avshalom Pollak
Tom Lahav
Micah Lewensohn z"l
Natalia Faust
Lihu Nitzan

Video Crew  Cinematography: Gil Ezrahi . Gaffer:  Aviezer Dasberg. Assistant director: Maya Hofman. Makeup artist: Karin Geva .Set dresser: Batzion Rogozinsky. Producer: Alma Ben-Zeev.Colorist: Ido Karilla

Music Credits Vocals: Gretchen Parlato Keyboard: Jason Lindner  Guitar: Yonatan Albalak  Piano: Yonathan Avishai Trumpet, flute, keyboard: Avishai Cohen Bass: Roy Avital Musical production:  Roy Avital, Avishai Cohen
The work was produced with support from the Tel Aviv–Yafo Department of Culture & Arts and the Yehoshua Rabinowitz Foundation for the Arts; musical production was made possible thanks to Mati Broudo and Rothschild 12


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